Man on the moon

40 years ago today, the Apollo 11 Command Module landed in the Pacific Ocean following the first manned voyage to the surface of the moon.  It would be easy to repeat some of the clichéd rhetoric comparing the Apollo Project with contemporary energy and environmental challenges that has filled an astronomical amount of blog space lately.  Instead I’m going to focus on MIT, where Buzz Aldrin (one of the brains behind many of NASA’s most innovative inventions as well as being the second man to set foot on the moon) was educated.  Indeed, more astronauts have been educated at MIT than at any other US university bar the military colleges.  


Although some people who know us may think we’re a pair of space cadets, James Murray and I had terrestrial matters in mind when we visited Bill Aulet, MIT’s Energy Entrepreneur in Residence, earlier this week.  Bill is a successful serial entrepreneur who holds numerous director and advisor roles with a range of energy companies.  His views on the opportunities in the oil and gas sector were refreshingly positive and realistic, and we left clutching copies of case studies on Airtricity and Enernoc.  I look forward to meeting Bill again in Inverness in September when he’s teaching an Entrepreneurial Sales and Product Marketing course.


MIT runs a $200,000 clean energy business plan competition which generated a few ideas that we’ll discuss with the rest of the class when we meet in August.  If anyone is interested in reviewing Bill Aulet’s insights, his blogs are available here   Another energy blog that is usually perceptive and provocative is Eddie O’Connor’s which is available here


I’d better sign off now as David Miller, Isobel and I are heading to see a Scottish star, Mr Paolo Nutini, perform at the House of Blues tonight.  

Posted 24-Jul-2009 22:26 by Martyn Tulloch