Dinner in the Desert lit by Giraffes on Fire.

Hello y'allll, and thanks for reading my blog!

I'm just beginning my 5th week here in Florida, working for Jabil Circuit, and as you might have guessed by my rather cringe-worthy greeting I'm really feeling integrated and at home here now! It's a feeling I really had after leaving some great friends on Sunday evening following yet another great day and meal out. I am comfortable with the job, my great new acoustic guitar, the people I'm around and close to, even my Scottish skin is adapting! Things are going well.

This past week has been a busy one. We arranged to do some early starts this week in order to catch the sun amongst other touristy activities. This meant two 7.30 starts but finish time at 4.30pm! I didn't know it was possible to have acheived so much with your day by just 4.30pm, amazing! I often get called a very typical student, and these are the kind of things that justify these claims. Who am I to deny it?! Anyway so Stacey and I headed out for work on Wednesday at 7.00am, and were joined by Mr Sun who was just beginning his shift for the day too, as pictured. This early start was so worth it though, because as soon as 4.30 struck we left for the sands of Clearwater, a city situated on the other side of Pinellas County from St Petersburg, where we work. From here, looking out onto the Gulf of Mexico, we experienced the Sun heading south again. I think it was the first time I've seen sunrise and sunset on the same day, and both times it was something special! Take a look for yourself:

This was our second visit to Clearwater Beach, and this time I came off a little less red thanks to some more cautious sun-cream application! The following day brought another early start, but it was once again completely worth it. This time we took a trip to the recently opened Dalí Museum in St Pete. The museum's collection was slowly gathered by an American couple who were good friends of the crazy artist, and is now completely on show at this brilliant gallery, and features nearly two hundred or Dalí's original works. I have always been a fan of the artist without knowing a great deal about him, and so it was an insightful wee journey into his life. There seems to be method and meaning behind every seemingly bizarre element of his work, which I would never have guessed at had it not been explained in the commentary! One of his particular works however, and the title of this blog, defies explanation to me. I just thought it was hilarious, and pretty typical of Mr Dalí! Possible explanations on a postcard/at the bottom in the comments section please.

Workwise, this last week comprised of the rolling out of the new financial tool I have been testing for the past few weeks. It has been initially shown to a core few, who will then train their immediate colleagues in the use of it. Most of my work during last week involved creating this reference guide for the tool, featuring explicit explanations for every single area of it. This is now extremely close to completion, and it'll be a real relief once it's done! 5800 words so far, I think I'll just hand that in as my dissertation next year! For now I'm concentrating on making it perfect, as it is a document that will potentially end up on the CFO and Jabil's global Scot, Forbes Alexander's desk. Following the completion of this, I and a couple of the other members of the Finance Transformation team will be having a look at our website which has become outdated and left unused of late. Our challenge is to resurrect it, and see if we can get people using it again. Lots of creativity involved, which hopefully we can muster between ourselves! It is a challenge I'm looking forward to.

Stuff I missed describing but enjoyed this week: A lower division baseball game, shopping at the cheapest mall in Florida (probably), finishing the last working week off with Beer Thirty on Friday afternoon, and making as yet provisional travel plans for once I finish work.

Keep up the blogging everyone, it's been great reading.



Posted 09-Aug-2011 4:01 by Aidan McDonagh


Katie Michels wrote re: Dinner in the Desert lit by Giraffes on Fire.
on 09-Aug-2011 16:28

Aidan, 'y'all' is not-cringeworthy!! :)  

Great pics and I'm glad you and Stacey are taking advantage of all the opportunities both in and out of work!

Also, very exciting that your financial tool is near completion! Keep us posted!

Sheyda wrote re: Dinner in the Desert lit by Giraffes on Fire.
on 30-Jul-2012 20:33

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Diane wrote re: Dinner in the Desert lit by Giraffes on Fire.
on 01-Aug-2012 9:50

I was so excited that this weneekd I actually had one to share that was not just funny to me!  This weneekd we went to a friend's daughter's baptism in their catholic church.  All dressed up and in an unfamiliar church (we are baptist)while waiting in the lobby for the family to finish with pictures I had to tell my three old "we do not power slide in the church!".  My son, the "rocket star" as he likes to call himself will do a power slide anywhere there is a slick surface to do it on.  Then he throws his hand up in the air like a rock star and does his best "rocket star" face and a little air guitar as he finishes his power slide.  In the church...on sunday...with God and everyone watching.  My little Rocket Star in training!  :)