The Programme

 The Saltire Scholars Undergraduate Internship Programme gives undergraduate students with huge potential and ambition - most of whom may not otherwise have access to such opportunities - the chance to experience the working environment of highly successful firms or high growth entrepreneurial companies at home and abroad.


The opportunity of a life time is fully funded for penultimate year undergraduate students studying at Scottish universities. The programme enables talented students to realise their potential through:

2014 Saltire Scholars at Leadership Development Day


Challenging work experience - increasing their skill set and knowledge of the commercial world

Global perspective - 70% of our placements are outside Scotland and those in Scotland are with globally minded companies

Increased leadership capacity - Scholars attend a Leadership Development Day and other events during and beyond their internships designed to increase their leadership capabilities

Superb networking opportunities - before, during and beyond your internship and as a life-time member of our Alumni Programme

Greater independence - working in a commercial environment and typically living away from home

Increased ambition and confidence - fuelled by their Saltire experience, network and peers

Giving back - Scholars give back their time and resource to their host communities, Scotland and the Saltire Foundation

By providing undergraduates with leadership opportunities, a global mindset and a supportive and challenging network, the Saltire Foundation aims to help Scotland grow and develop into a significant player on the international stage.

Applications for 2016 Saltire Scholars will be open from the 12th of October until the 18th of November 2015 and again in February 2016, although limited places will be available to second round applicants. Find out more about the experience of being a Saltire Scholar.


Who is it for?

We are looking for students with talent and potential who represent the best and the brightest that Scotland has to offer and share a passion to create a more dynamic and vibrant Scottish economy.  Particularly we are looking for those who

would not otherwise have access to this type of opportunity.

Saltire Scholars are a diverse group of students drawn from across Scotland's universities. The characteristics of Saltire Scholars include: ambitious, passionate, independent, globally-minded and enthusiastic. The core competencies for Saltire Scholars include leadership potential, excellent team working skills and the ability to use initiative to cope in challenging situations. 

In summer 2015 Saltire Scholars came from 13 Scottish universities and colleges.  They represented over 70 degree courses - from theology to marketing to international relations to business to mechanical engineering to cell biology.  Over 60% of our internships were open to students from all degree disciplines.



To apply to become a Saltire Scholar you must be:

In your penultimate year of undergraduate study at a Scottish university. Normally this is your third year if you're on a four year undergrad degree programme or your fourth year if you're on a five year undergrad degree programme (e.g. engineering or some languages courses). 

- Completing your full course of study at a Scottish university.  Students from Scottish universities studying abroad for a year or semester can still apply, with Skype interviews used in place of speed interviews.

- Passionate about representing Scotland and building a more dynamic and vibrant Scottish economy for the future.